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Interior Design Photography

Interior design photography is a growing area in photography. To capturer the attention of viewers, these photos must be absolutely amazing. This may seem like a tough task if you are just starting out as an interior design photographer. Here are some tips that will help come up with stunning photographs.

Focus on the Details
Interior designs are usually made up of tiny little details that come together to make one beautiful design. Hence, interior design photography is all about bringing out these details. You must therefore be very detail-oriented as an interior design photographer. It is not just about capturing the place but is also about the beauty of the design. This means that you must put more time and focus into the process. This is not only during the photography stage but the styling and editing as well. This attention to detail is key in attaining eye-catching interior design photos.

Take Photos with the Lights Off
How to go about the lighting usually depends on the context of the photography. When it comes to interior design photography, it is a generally accepted practice for the lights to be kept off. This for one helps to provide a natural feel of the design elements. Also, without the lights, the light temperature is able to be kept even which results in better photographs.

The problem with having the lights on during interior design shoots is that it can lead to the creation of shadows. These will distort the design on the floors, walls and even the furniture. This leads to distortion of elements and prevents the actual nature and beauty of the elements from coming out.

However, there are exceptions where lights may be kept on during interior design photography. For instance, you may want to showcase a lighting feature. Also, you may feel that lights would look good on certain design elements. This would be okay as long as you ensure to use the right settings that will keep everything balanced.

Avoid Shooting Too Wide
Another thing that you want to keep in mind as an interior design photographer is to avoid taking shorts that are too wide. This is especially if you had been previously exposed to real estate photography where the contrary is true. Here, it is usually about capturing as much space as you can. On the other hand, interior design is mainly about the design and not the space.

In interior design photography, it is advised to go in with a tighter lens. This means that it should be around 24mm or less. This is because you want to bring out all the various design elements as much as possible. They should stand out when the photographs are being viewed. This is why tighter compositions are recommended.

Plan Ahead
This is a valuable tip when it comes to interior design photography. This is what will determine how successful your shoot will be. An important part of planning is to understand what the client wants. You should therefore maintain open communication to get a clear picture of which spaces they need to be photographed and how they want it to be done for each. You will also benefit from a site visit. This way you can learn ahead of time about all that you will need for the shoot.

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