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A List Of Non-Teaching Jobs That You Can Look To Find

Many people are able to meet their daily needs and sustain comfortable living through their jobs. Some individuals never go through challenges landing a job while others face lots of difficulties and take long before they do. Also, while some people may want to cling on to their jobs and rise up the ladder in their careers, others are looking to change their jobs. People with a wider and stronger network are likely to get jobs faster than those without. You also ought to be flexible about the jobs that you want so that you confidently apply for jobs that may not fall exactly in the sector where your career does. For example, a computer scientist should not be hesitant to apply for a non-teaching job in the education sector which they qualify for simply because it does not fall under the telecommunication sector. Some of the best non-teaching jobs in the education sector are as follows.

The job of a director of special education is among the non-teaching jobs in the education sector. In this role, you will be expected to provide leadership to the head teachers, teachers, and support staff to ensure that the services delivered to students living with disabilities comply with the legal requirements and are instructionally effective, as well as give professional development support to the school or college staff. The chances of your application receiving acceptance will be higher if you have a masters degree in special education or something else that is related, possess CA administrative services credential, have seven or more years of active leadership that was partly supervisory.

You can also consider applying for human capital business partner jobs if you are looking for a non-teaching job in the education sector. The human capital business is usually a full-time one and not a part-time job. You should expect an average of 60,000 US dollars in the role of a human capital business partner. To be sure that you will stand out from the crowd that applies for this type of job, ensure that you have experience with HR systems such as Workday, Greenhouse and iVision and at least three years’ experience in Human capital. Some of the typical characteristics required of a Human Capital Business Partner include the ability to communicate well with others both in writing and verbally, a sense of urgency and time management, eagerness to learn, attention to detail and much more.

The above-mentioned jobs are only a small fraction of the non-teaching jobs in the education sector. Other non-teaching jobs in the education sector are inclusive of but not limited to the director of development operations and dean of instruction jobs.

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